Updates AdGuard for Safari version 1.9.13


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Apr 24, 2016
Today we are releasing AdGuard for Safari 1.9.13. It has many fixes as you can see by the extensive changelog, but the most important ones would be the fixed memory leak, added dark theme for the element blocking window, fixed inverted allowlist behavior, and many general user interface improvements.

Speaking of design, see how beautiful and intuitive it looks now:

User rules are now available in the Filters section:


  • [Added] Explanation of the permissions AdGuard for Safari uses #276
  • [Added] "Export Logs" button in General settings #466
  • [Added] Dark theme for "Block element on page" #476
  • [Added] Autosave when importing rules #555
  • [Enhancement] Modified UI behavior #402
  • [Enhancement] The application icon is different from the extension icon #458
  • [Enhancement] Moved the funnel and the green bar to the right side #463
  • [Enhancement] Added a warning when selecting “Update interval - Do not update” #527
  • [Enhancement] Content in the “General” and “Filters” sections moves upward when switching between them #529
  • [Enhancement] Improved the export of inverted allowlist #544
  • [Fixed] AdGuard isn't compatible with Web Annoyances Ultralist filter list #390
  • [Fixed] $jsinject doesn't disable JS rules #484
  • [Fixed] Update icon is cropped at the bottom #494
  • [Fixed] Memory leak #505
  • [Fixed] JS exceptions thrown on filter update/compilation (v1.9.3beta/v1.9.5beta on macOS 10.13.6) #525
  • [Fixed] When Safari launches, the old AdGuard icon is loaded #528
  • [Fixed] Pausing AdGuard doesn’t work properly #535
  • [Fixed] Error when converting rules to Safari content blocking syntax #537
  • [Fixed] “Allowlist” remains on when the slider is off #539
  • [Fixed] The memory leak grows to 2GB, AdGuard for Safari doesn’t respond and crashes #542
  • [Fixed] Format tag not replaced by the number of filters #566
  • [Fixed] “Invert allowlist” behavior #568
  • [Fixed] Small typos in source code files and formatting errors #403
  • [Fixed] Checkbox in extension menu is not visible in dark theme #491
  • [Fixed] The extension icon flickers while in pause mode when you refresh the page or switch tabs #497
  • [Fixed] Wrong hyperlink color on the "About" page in dark theme #498
  • [Fixed] Close the AdGuard Assistant window after clicking the “Report this website” #530
  • [Fixed] Time changes when updating from the “Filters” section #538
  • [Other] Improvements and UI fixes v.1.9.5 #543
  • [Other] Minor fixes & improvements
  • [Other] Localisation fix