New Update AdGuard for Windows 7.13 beta 1


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Aug 17, 2014

AdGuard for Windows 7.13 beta 1​

Release date: March 7, 2023

There are many changes and bug fixes in this update, but first we would like to draw your attention to a bunch of new features implemented in the Advanced settings.

We’ve added as many as 17 features which can be divided into 6 groups:
  • Anti DPI options allow low level modifications to be made to packets during filtering to avoid deep packet inspection
  • Keep alive settings allow to configure settings to work with keep-alive connections
  • Filtering exclusion settings allow excluding both Wi-Fi networks and particular subnets (specified in CIDR notation) from DNS filtering
  • Application management option allows to enable filtering even if the app is not launched. The point is that in v7.12 we have changed the behavior of the AdGuardSvc.exe service so that when the service starts automatically once starting OS, it does not filter traffic but stays in a "waiting" state. But we’ve left the option to let AdGuard work "as before" by enabling this option
  • DNS-related options allow to fine-tune the DNS settings
  • Certificate security options allows checking websites and web services certificates by various criteria
What else? Aside from the regular CoreLibs and DnsLibs updates, we’ve updated WFP and TDI drivers and ExtendedCSS. We’ve also allowed to disable the Filter localhost advanced feature. But be aware that disabling this feature will prevent AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard VPN from working simultaneously in compatibility mode.



  • Added an option to disable DNS filtering on selected Wi-Fi networks #4578
  • Added an option to disable the Filter localhost advanced setting if AdGuard VPN is also enabled #4586
  • Implemented the newest TLD-to-locale mappings from the AdGuard Browser Extension repo #4620
  • SafeVisit was added to the list of filtered applications #4618
  • When the default settings for displaying queries in the Filtering log are changed, the filter icon is highlighted #4406
  • Allowed the Ctrl+E combination to open the advanced filter editor of the currently selected DNS filter #4330
  • AdGuard now backs up UI settings 4404
  • Added an option to operate the dialog boxes using the Enter button#4526
  • jsonprune, badfilter, removeheader and hls applied rules are displayed in the Filtering log #4536


  • AdGuard hangs after resuming from hibernation #4565
  • AdGuard does not automatically import CA for Firefox #4595
  • AdGuard's certificate is not deleted from the system certificate store after removing the app #4610
  • After the system starts, the message The app can't reach AdGuard servers appears #4590
  • WCF communication breaks after resuming from hibernation #4551
  • Imperfections in the installer's dark theme #4584
  • The filter editor reopens instead of focusing once the filter editor button is clicked more than once #4619
  • A DNS server or filter cannot be added via the Add to AdGuard button if Parental Control is enabled and a password is set #4272
  • Not possible to exit the advanced DNS filter editor by clicking the Esc button #4329
  • Once the DNS Filter Editor is opened, clicking the down arrow selects not the User rules section, but the filter below it. #4333
  • The up/down arrow keys do not work correctly in the DNS Filter Editor after certain actions #4362
  • When attempting to create a custom filter with already used name, a notification Error while processing the custom filter appears #4437
  • If the filter rules editor is already open, clicking on the Edit button in the User rules will bring up a window for editing the previously opened filter #4438
  • With filtering disabled for an app, the browser assistant continues working as if filtering was not disabled #4379
  • Cannot add a new user rule via the plus icon or by clicking on an empty line 4519
  • Incorrect behavior of the Disable protection for 30 seconds feature after on/off the protection #4535
  • AdGuard doesn't filter the Craving Explorer browser #4544
  • If you exit AdGuard and open settings from Assistant while the service is running, AdGuard won't open #4556
  • DNS filter rules are not applied after network shutdown #4588



  • Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.59 4630


  • Updated DnsLibs to v2.1.26 4629
  • Added to fallback domains #183


  • Updated ExtendedCSS to v2.0.51
  • Changed IAffectedElement – make content optional #163


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