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Aug 17, 2014

AdGuard for Windows 7.13 beta 2​

Release date: March 23, 2023

What time is it? It’s time for the second beta of AdGuard v7.13 for Windows! You won't see such a huge changelog here as you did in the first beta. Nevertheless, the changes made are good enough to draw your attention.

DNS protection is now enabled by default for both new and old users. Previously, this was done only for newcomers. Once you run AdGuard for Windows after a clean installation, DNS protection will be turned on with the system DNS server and AdGuard DNS filter enabled. The same occurs if you update the app with the DNS module disabled. But nothing will change if you update an installed app with the DNS module enabled and configured.

We’ve also made some bug fixes, updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs to improve the app’s performance.




  • Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.69 #4655
  • HTTPS filtration breaks the website #1724
  • The website does not open with the Protect from DPI option enabled #4451


  • Updated DnsLibs to v2.1.27 #4639


  • Updated Scriplets to v1.9.1
  • Added a new m3u-prune scriptlet #277
  • Added more possible values in the set-attr scriptlet #283
  • Fixed compatibility for the noopcss redirect #299
  • Improved adjust-setTimeout and adjust-setInterval scriptlets #262
  • Improved json-prune scriptlet #282
  • Fixed error in prevent-element-src-loading #270
  • Fixed xml-prune-related errors #289



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Mar 9, 2014
The desktop version slows down browsing (Firefox with Avast free on Win 10), and I can't fix it even though I disabled browsing security and the WFP network driver. Things speeded up when I unchecked the browser in the list of filtered applications and used the extension instead. I still need the desktop version, though, for apps that have no adblockers, like Ferdium.
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