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Apr 24, 2016
AdGuard for Windows version 7.8 from December 16, 2021
We once again reviewed GitHub repo and realized that we had been working for almost six months on version 7.7. And less than two months on version 7.8. Yes, there were fewer tasks in this version, but we did a good job on improving everything: Browsing Security, network drivers, CoreLibs and DNSLibs, other minor features, and – hopefully – your user experience.

[Enhancement] Browsing Security
Browsing Security is a module that blocks requests to malicious and phishing websites. You might have seen a nice looking banner caringly stating "AdGuard has blocked access to this page": that's what Browsing Security does. Now it's working a way better: requests for information about malicious domains are not sent to a server, but to a periodically updated database stored locally on your computer. This is faster and safer.

[Enhancement] WFP and TDI network drivers

We've also updated and enhanced our network drivers for Windows – WFP and TDI. Both have been helpful, among other things, to improve compatibility with other applications.

Other good stuff
And of course, there is no release without updating CoreLibs, our main filtering engine, and DNSLibs. Meet their new versions: more flexible, more powerful. As always: minor bugs have been fixed. As always: perfection has no limits.

Hope that your holidays will be safer with AdGuard.

Jan Willy

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Jul 5, 2019
Indeed better protection against malicious sites. I get now alerts I never had before.


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