Level 4
Hi, Adguard is the best, I have it installed though I use VPNs, when I do not use my VPNs I have the Adguard DNS enabled, it is really rock solid software.
I have used it only in browsers in the past, but this month 1/10-20 I decided to purchase the Adguard App, it works wonders for you.
I am really impressed.:):love:


Level 4
Does anyone use AdGuard Home? I installed it on my laptop as a service. I am really surprised that it was so easier to install. I don't think anyone would need to use NextDNS on Windows. Also it supports all protocols DoT, DoH & DNScrypt. Although I am using NextDNS along with AdGuard Home because it is only DNS provider which have fastest resolving time other than Google at my location. Best thing is that you can use any provider which is the fastest and add filters to make it like NextDNS. On Android, with mobile data on, NextDNS is the only option.


Level 3
Jesus, this is a recommendable application? Cut the internet seep in 20%, I lost 40MBs in absolute speed with Adguard on.
Removing now this app, sorry butt I can not recommend this application with that impact over internet speed.