Update AdGuard v2.9.0 for Mac


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Jun 14, 2011


  • [Enhancement] Added “Unencrypted” icon for "Regular" DNS servers description in the DNS tab #1034
  • [Enhancement] App exit confirmation is no longer displayed if AdGuard protection is disabled #1079
  • [Enhancement] Removed the word release from the number of the stable (release) version of AdGuard #1099
  • [Fixed] When adding a new site to the whitelist, the previously added site is removed #1056
  • [Fixed] Confirmation about closing AdGuard doesn't appear on top of other apps #1058
  • [Fixed] Error with filtering initialization through Network Extension when network is off #1124
  • [Fixed] Memory leaks when AdGuard is enabled #1092
  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter ad requests in sleep mode #994

Important for filter maintainers​

  • [Enhancement] Filter metadata parsing is moved to CoreLibs
  • [Enhancement] Added support for editing JSON responses using $jsonprune rules #1447
  • [Enhancement] Added a new modifier for working with HLS (m3u8) files #1434
  • [Enhancement] Expanded capabilities of the $stealth modifier #1224
  • [Enhancement] Added support empty $path modifier for non-basic rules #1591
  • [Enhancement] $removeparam can be applyed to POST requests #1573
  • [Fixed] Hide your Referrer from third-parties Stealth mode option interferes with the $third-party modifier #1640
  • [Fixed] Rules with :where() pseudo class are rejected #1609
  • [Fixed] Fixes for preprocessor directives in filters

CoreLibs updated to v1.10.113​

  • [Enhancement] Implemented DoH requests filtering
  • [Enhancement] Blocker titles are discarded from the filtering lists #1667
  • [Fixed] Rules with $third-party modifier block resources from site's own subdomain #1637
  • [Fixed] Memory leaks when processing bypassed connections on macOS #1643
  • [Fixed] AdGuard for Mac blocks access to wwww.mindray.com #1648
  • [Fixed] Rules with the $all modifier do not block explicitly visited sites #1590
  • [Fixed] AdGuard for Mac blocks Microsoft Edge collections #1653
  • [Fixed] Adguard DNS Protection doesn't support some types of system DNS servers #1061

DNSLibs updated to v2.0.30​

  • [Fixed] Race in DNS64 discovery #1142
  • [Other] Added new option Block "Encrypted ClientHello" parameters to Advanced settings #161
  • [Other] When building projects, a warning about linking to dylib, which is not safe for use in application extensions appears #136

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