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AdGuard v4.0 for iOS: DNS protection jumps to the next level:
Old-timers probably remember those days when AdGuard for iOS was merely an app to block ads in Safari, and AdGuard Pro was for everything else. We've weathered a lot of storms since, mostly thanks to multiple Apple policy changes, and, for better or worse, arrived to where we are today. And let me tell you, this place is nice. AdGuard for iOS is as powerful as it's ever been because the new v4.0 update introduces a bunch of goodies. Some of them might seem familiar to AdGuard Pro users (that's not a coincidence), other are completely new. Let's check them all out together.

Major design changes
DNS activity
DNS protection enhanced
New AdGuard widget
General statistics

Well, hopefully you are impressed! Because we threw at you everything we had. Ok, there's some more, actually: the complete list of all changes, including less exciting ones, is traditionally available on GitHub.

UPD: By the way, AdGuard for iOS is not our only iOS app that's going to get an update! Expect AdGuard Pro to follow in its steps soon!
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AdGuard v4.0.1 for iOS is already on the virtual shelves of #AppStore! Focus on fixing leftover bugs after v4.0 release:
Our work on the fresh AdGuard version proved to be extremely productive:

We improved the app's performance and stability under zero-gravity conditions
Got rid of the integration with smart fridges
Capital J has been completely removed from the app's texts
Tabs in the code replaced with quadruple spaces
Rewrote the rest of the code in PowerPoint
Added telepathic protection activation
Code is now compliant with Geneva Conventions
Significantly increased the app's closing speed
Binary code upgraded to ternary
App's video version is now available on TikTok
Icon color changed from 'Jungle Diamond' to 'Sunset Jade'

Sadly, fewer bugs to fix in the next version.