AdGuard VPN v1.1 for Mac release


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Apr 24, 2016
Disclaimer: all similarities with AdGuard VPN v1.1 for Windows release text are coincidental (definitely not). So if you’ve read our post about AdGuard VPN v1.1 for Windows release, you will catch a deja-vu feeling while going through this article. If you haven’t done it — let us introduce the AdGuard VPN v1.1 for Mac!

It took us three months to prepare the new version. As always, we have fixed bugs here and there to improve user experience. But more importantly, AdGuard VPN for Mac now can boast two great features: QUIC protocol support and an option to add apps to exclusions.
Hope you will enjoy using AdGuard VPN v1.1 for Mac! Share your impressions here or on social networks. The full list of changes as usual can be found on the GitHub.