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May 20, 2017
For about a year i've been using the brave primarily because of the hubbub of chrome manifest v3 specifications that would break a lot of extensions like ublock origin. Honestly i don't know if google will go through with it. There will be major backlash if they do. The other day i purchased adguard family which works perfectly with brave. On every windows computer i have i have either installed KTS or BTS. Both products are supposed to scan https connections out of the box. I noticed the other day that feature wasn't working. I did some research and i found out the reason it wasn't working is both products don't support brave. Which is weird since brave is forked off of the same base (chromium). I know there is a lot of debate whether we should ever MITM (man in the middle) https connections but honestly i don't mind if its for a good cause (security or deep privacy/ad blocking). So at this point i'm trying to decide what browser i will be running and what is more important to me scanning for ads/privacy or security. If i want to scan for security i have no options i have to use chrome. If scanning for ads/privacy issues is more important then i can use whatever browser i want. If i want to scan for ads in chrome though i would have to turn off https in Bitdefender/Kaspersky off because i noticed it the priority when both are on. But the way they both work they install self-signed certs into your system and one of certs has to be used and whatever product cert is uses is the one that can scan https. Adguard does have some filters for security but i'm sure they are not as good as kaspersky/bitdefender and i know kaspersky has some ad blocking but i'm sure not as good adguard. There are extensions to try to pick up the slack with whatever decision i make like Bitdefender Traffic light for security or ublock origin for ads. I'm assuming these products can't do as good of a job as an app though.

I have bitdefender installed on my mac and i don't have to worry on there because AV suites on they mac side always seem to be a lot robust than on windows and bitdefender will not scan https connects (adguard will). What would you guys do?


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Aug 22, 2013
You can use NextDNS ( pihole as a service)to filter ads along with an application called Yoga Dns in windows to enable system wide DOH ( will encrypt all your dns queries and tunnel it through port 443 to next dns servers). There are around 60 or so block lists avilable for you in nextdns which includes ads blocking to telemetry and security based lists apart from their super awesome charts and logs. You will not feel any slow dows or conflicts with any existing software including adguard,Kts,Bts as the filtering is not done in your system but in nextdns servers.
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May 13, 2017
I know there is a lot of debate whether we should ever MITM (man in the middle) https connections but honestly i don't mind if its for a good cause.
Tha problem is, that it lowers the security, thus making it easier for hackers/malware to do a real MITM. If you are using VPN, forget about the privacy either.