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Hi @advanced_skill

Let me tell you a few free options that can improve the security of your computer:

Comodo is fine, but I think you need a scanner to demand like Malwarebytes .

I don't see you have a backup program , Aomei standard is a really interesting option .

You also need one second browser, Chrome , Firefox ... which should add the following extensions: LastPass , Https EveryWhere , ublock (or Adblock Plus , or Adguard ) and Ghostery . They will improve your privacy and security online

Thanks for sharing and welcome to our community ... highly addictive


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I suggest that you need a backup and recovery present to your system like making backups with the built in feature on Windows or try third party program like Macrium Reflect alongside of external HDD/USB so that any accident changes may back successfully on working state.


Hi advanced_skill,

One glaring weakness of CIS is that it has poor malicious URL blocking. That's OK because you can correct it by importing a URL blacklist on a regular basis.

To find out how go to the Comodo sub-forum here at MT. Search for Umbra Polaris' guide.

Check out the other excellent tutorials.

Back-up: Macrium Reflect free, AX 64 or Comodo Backup. With backup apps there are a lot of quirks so I would research thoroughly.


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Hello & thank you for sharing your configuration with us, advanced_skill.:p
Our fellow members make strong points concerning back up solutions & malicious site blocking. I like @Sr. Normal's recommended extensions. In order to utilize LastPass' encryption security using IE you'll need to download the LastPass Universal Windows installer by <clicking> on "Download Free" from the developer's site (Imho) the best source when downloading. www.lastpass.com which my household finds works quite well!:)

Upon reading you are a Comodo user, I went to the site Softpedia, among the rare safe & reputable resources for information & software downloads I'd learned of from MT.;) Here's the article on Comodo you might enjoy reading. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/COMODO-Internet-Security.shtml

Lastly, also from the developers of Malwarebytes, there is a free Anti-Exploit protection available which you can read about here:
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I would suggest adding some on demand scanners
Some type of back up solution
Another browser or 2 at least Chrome and or FireFox
CCleaner or Privazer


Run everything in the sandbox/virtual kiosk Fully Virtualized!

In other words don't use restrictions as it will convert the sandbox from a virtual one to a policies & permissions sandbox.

Believe me, you don't want that...it may fail to protect the system. The policies & permissions sandbox has failed in the past.