Guide Adware/PUP in Vuze Leap and Vuze Torrent Client - (Unchecky vs Mouseclicks)

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Jan 8, 2011
For this thread, I will be posting setup screenshots from Vuze Leap and Vuze Torrent Client, and any unwanted software.

In the first round, I have no Anti-Adware specific software installed to prevent, only controlled and educated mouse-clicks.

In the second round, I have installed Unchecky to test if it can protect against Click-Happy users.

  • Program 1: Installing Vuze Leap
  • Program 2: Installing Vuze Torrent Client
  • Brief FAQ
  • Unchecky with Vuze Leap and Vuze Torrent Client (Default/Accept)

Program 1: Installing Vuze Leap

Screenshot 1: Default screen for Vuze Leap.


Screenshot 2: Marking 'Customize install options' will bring you this screen.


Adware / PUP Warning

Screenshot 3: Before Leap is installed you will be get a 'Search Offer' aka Yahoo Toolbar or Vuze Toolbar powered by Yahoo Search.

Clicking on CANCEL will only REJECT the SEARCH OFFER.


Offers may differ per install, per system.

Screenshot 4: Installer proceeds to install Vuze Leap and is automatic after you click on CANCEL from SEARCH OFFER above.


Screenshot 5: You can now use Vuze Leap.


End of Vuze Leap software.


Program 2: Installing Vuze Torrent Client (using Web / Stub Installer)

Screenshot 1: Vuze requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and will automatically start to download.


Remember to uninstall Java if you plan to uninstall Vuze software.

Screenshot 2: Default screen for Vuze Torrent Client


Screenshot 3: Marking 'Customize' will bring you this screen and additional options, prior to install.


Adware / PUP Warning

Screenshot 4: Before Vuze is installed you will be get a 'Free Search Offer' aka Spigot Toolbar, powered by Yahoo Search.

Clicking on DECLINE will only REJECT the SPIGOT Toolbar.


Note: Offers may differ per install, per system.

Screenshot 5: More Sponsored software aka "Recommended by Vuze"

Clicking on DECLINE will only REJECT the PRO PC CLEANER software.


Note: Offers may differ per install, per system.

Screenshot 6: Vuze will now be installed... (keep scrolling)!


Screenshot 7: Vuze may offer Feature Content to it's users, optional. Safe to Accept/Decline.


Note: Offers may differ per install, per system.

Screenshot 8: Clicking Accept will only add the Torrents to your downloads, Vuze is now installed.


Bottom Left: The free version of Vuze Torrent Client supports built-in Ads.

End of Vuze Torrent Client software.


Does Vuze Leap and Vuze Torrent Client offer Adware/PUP/Toolbars?
- Yes
Does Vuze Leap and Vuze Torrent Client install Java?
- Yes, only for Vuze Torrent Client


Unchecky with Vuze Leap and Vuze Torrent Client (Default/Accept)

Does a Customized install prevent Adware/PUP/Toolbars?
- No.
Does Unchecky prevent Adware/PUP/Toolbars on default install options?
- No, it did not prevent some unwanted programs in this test.



Further Reading: Why Your Mouseclicks Matters Guide by @Nico@FMA


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May 17, 2015
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This why i use for my software downloads. :D

I used that website to find Malwarebytes & ccleaner a very long time ago... didn't realize they also hosted safe downloads.

This could have saved me from the crap I went through when I just installed Vuze (maybe)

Want to mention that in my case non of the other unwanted programs or toolbars downloaded but it reverted my firefox settings to a previous state. There was no extension installed but I believe Vuze keeps files inside of your Firefox profile somehow because it was drastically altered when I installed it...bookmark links that I had removed were there again, themes that were on my old OS were suddenly on this one. Either that or it was a side effect of Vuze downloading Java, which I didnt have on this OS since I just did a clean install 2 days ago. (with completely copied over old Firefox profile)

Just thought I'd mention it here for people thinking of downloading Vuze with the internet installer... dont :) Use those majorgeeks links that were kindly provided!

Or better yet download a different open source torrent client... that was how I handled this. Why deal with something that doesnt respect you when you have more polite alternatives! I got Tixati and I love it (and it looks awesome because its black background against bright green and stuff lol)
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Mar 15, 2011
Usually most reliable third party like Softpedia (Besides Majorgeeks) have their disclaimer about the type of program and still its not their liable if do take the risk. ;)

Your eyes and clicks will really save you a lot no matter how we change the angle of perspective. ;)
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