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Has any user tried:
Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.2 / FREE 7.1.1?

If so, could you share your reviews/comments/experience?

From here, I can only get a basic overview.

Thanks all.


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If of any help there's some YouTube videos that may give you a feel for the product :)


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Well, I am planning to buy Outpost Firewall Pro, lifetime license. :)
It is fabulous but VirusBuster's engine is a bit disappointment.


I did check the reviews + Languy99 one. Think ill give a test run on VM to see.

Detection didnt seem too good tho.


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You-tube reviews are hardly something to base a purchase decision on.
The best way is to install a trial of the software and then see how it works on your own particular configuration and system.

What works for a youtube tester may not work for you and in all honesty the youtube reviews are a complete waste of time.
Personal experience is far more valuable.


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I have to disagree on your last comment about being a complete waste of time. Though I do agree on the fact that detection on the reviews is more of unable to fully measure, not all youtube reviews force a decision/opinion.

If I am right, Plexx used biozfear on youtube or something like that and the few videos I watched, none gave a verdict. Instead he or she would let the viewer decide. I did enjoy his videos most though they were long. Video editing was not his speciality by the looks of it. Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Norton Antivirus and some others were examples. He or she also did recreate the Webroot journalism or rollback feature.

Unfortunately his or her videos seem private or gone as I cannot find them. Maybe I am wrong and Plexx is not the youtuber I am thinking.


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Correct, Plexx was formally Biozfear. I was told he deleted all his Youtube videos, reason unknown.
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