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Just a suggestion but if you backup any personal/sensitive documents in your Dropbox you might want to put them in a password protected archive to help keep them secure (or encrypted by a third-party software). But if you take the password/encryption methods, make sure to back up the necessary information to gain access to the files again. :)


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Well they can't just access your files, but as a safety precaution should an attacker find a new method of doing so (which can happen anytime!).

Someone might also gain access to your account overall one day and they'd have access to your files, but if you have some sort of protection for the files inside then even though they would be in your account, they wouldn't necessarily be able to actually make use of them. :)


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Just a suggestion about a decent password manager and encrypting sensitive data:

I would undoubtedly recommend KeePass [KeePass Password Safe], which I am using myself. It sure is not as fancy as LastPass, however the security options it provides for the password database, and while running the program itself or while using the passwords, are superb. As for whether you can trust them, KeePass is open source software, which means that anyone can look at its source code at any time - if there was something suspicious, the program would obviously not be open source.

Also, regarding uploading sensitive data to a cloud storage service, I would definitely recommend Mega [MEGA] which is currently one of the most secure online data storage services available (upon registration you receive 50 gigabytes of free online storage space, including free powerful encryption), and just so your files are not exposed, you can use 7-Zip [7-Zip] which is a free, open source archive/file manager, and allows you to pack those sensitive files in .zip or .7z archives and at the same time encrypt them and protect them with a password.

I hope find these suggestions useful.
Other than this, your security configuration is extremely solid! Good job!

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Any plan to upgrade for higher version of ESET? (For sure majority of locations already release)

Other than that just add a backup browser then good to go.
Here in India ESET version 9(retail) is still unavailable... I asked the customer support, they told that its possible to upgrade to version 9 if you have version 8 installed.... so i just bought version 8 license for another year...

Can you suggest a good alternative for firefox? I have Opera now....
Whether Chrome is good? I once used it, but didnt liked it, cos it consumed more RAM....
Even i dont like Firefox but using it as primary because of its good addons availability....
I want a good browser that is light on RAM usage.....
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@Ajay Rinaldo:

Firefox derivative design for performance:

1) CyberFox
2) WaterFox
3) PaleMoon

(Choose one)

Slimjet or vivaldi browser too which are a good choice of alternatives.
Great alternatives, I use Waterfox very often and it's extremely fast!
A little note though, Waterfox is exclusively x64 (64-bit) compatible, and will not work on x86 (32-bit) systems.