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Thanks for sharing your config :)

I would suggest enabling UAC and Smartscreen as you having nothing to lose but everything to gain.
As @frogboy said, use some kind of backup, there are many free products to chose from so again you have nothing to lose.
Unless you can afford to lose everything on your computer, not having backups is just asking for trouble.
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Hello and thanks for sharing your config! :)

I highly recommend you to enable UAC and smartscreen.

Install Ublock Origin for chrome its a very good adblocker.

Last but not least backup, backup and more backup as said before Macrium Reflect is very good.


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Thanks for sharing your security config :)

I agree with above suggestions.

Just one part I don't understand :

- OS Build: build 1586 (I think you mean build 10586 from version 1511 : Nov 2015)
- O- S Updates & Security Patches: Automatic

=> why this version if automatic Update is activated o_O

(current version is 1607 build 14393.321)

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Enable UAC to at least default.
Enable smartscreen.
You could probably benefit from another on demand scanner such as Zemana Antimalware.
Consider some type of Data & System back up solutions.
Infection within the last 3 months?
Thanks for sharing your config :)