News Alphabet Project Taara Pushes 700TB Of Data At 20Gbps Over 5KM With Fricken Laser Beams


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Feb 4, 2016
Google parent company Alphabet had an ambitious plan to provide internet to underserved regions across the globe via Project Loon. Project Loon involved the use of high-altitude balloons that hovered in the Earth's stratosphere and provided internet connectivity to people on the ground. Commercial service first kicked off in Kenya, and balloons were later stationed to provide internet coverage following natural disasters in Peru and Puerto Rico

While Project Loon has since been dissolved, the underlying technology is still beneficial in the communications field. For example, through the use of wireless optical communication (WOC) technology, Alphabet's Project Taara initiative can provide a 20 Gbps data link between two points with a clear line of sight.


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Jul 27, 2015
the link was operational with 99.9 percent availability during that nearly three-week period.
Seems realistic when or if the " project " left it's now ongoing test phase, and Google decide to actually keep it around, I have no doubts they would apply with IEEE. The only problem is a pretty important one :
the Congo is a perfectly ideal place for Project Taara's WOC because of its ideal weather conditions and visibility. The team says that deploying such a system in a foggy region like San Francisco would never fly.
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