Need Help Am so I or not compromised?

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  1. Kp-Everywhere-Myst

    May 12, 2017
    Device model:
    Samung Galaxy s5
    Operating System and Version:
    Android 6.0.1
    Infection date and initial symptoms:
    I have had such a merry go round of issues that starts back last October. Mainly affecting my PC and later my laptop. The phone is POSSIBLY compromised but I'll bet dollars to donuts in a way escaping detection. Someone who used to reside here was a high level hacker and demonstrated many things he could do and it was just insane. When he was actively doing something and this one time in question I knew for a fact. Just tryst me on this...he was in the other room and first of all again connected to my computer by having my internet connection go fron his gigabit ethernet switcheck and his separate router before reaching my end room. Was a new Coda 4582 cable modem and ROGERS is the ISP. He was with the tech while it was setup and likely kept the admin login info based on all incidents.
    But in any event he corrupted CHROME browser. It even changed colour and look. Malwarebytes was found to be conveniently disabled from having the main security scan and detection running. Basically he just disabled it before I could use it effectively.

    I found multiple evidence of Powershell modules and scripts setup and I was also conveniently set to "unrestricted". Group Policy he got control of and its even possible he got my activation codesign from my Kapersky's and Web root respect timely and via online portal could affect much. This of course wouldn't be recognized by any malware program.

    I became a LOT more savvy and informed since and I have been learning non-stop since and have miles to go.

    My phone is my biggest protected as my two way authentication device and worry as I don't know if I have any problems with it being compromised. One big unexplained red flag is in my Kapersky's Internet security under Privacy Protection is 1 phone number ..relatively local but unidentified that doesn't have voice mail set up and its under contacts to hide. I definitely did not put it there.

    So I'm trying to go back to square one and ensure security. Phone first. The other two I keep having differING problems and have clean reinstalled numerous times on PC and even once ran Dban first.

    Laptop did a refresh and recover fresh start idea and I'm uncertain where they are both at because around the same time they both were missing their "base driver" right off the bat. So I know this is lengthy and over-comprehensive for this specific forum. I would accept and gladly suggest just cut off the generalities to post by or for me in a certain relevant category like profile - overall background summary of malware/virus issues or what have you. Thanks :)
    Current issues and symptoms:
    It keeps intermittently having special errors like "Unfortunately, phone has stopped working" . All you can do is keep hitting ok over and over until restart. I think I fixed that part.
    Steps taken in order to remove the infection:
    Other then trying to run multiple (one at a time) free antivrus and malware scans both online one shots and installed.,,, I'm not even that familiar with Android and what it's default "Windows Defender" counterpart is.
    Not sure what else to put here?
  2. jamescv7

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    Windows 10
    The best way here is to make a backup of your files from the phone and conduct reset factory settings.

    What are your applications installed on Android Phone? Tendency one of the programs may experience bugs that can affect overall OS behavior.
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  3. Kp-Everywhere-Myst

    May 12, 2017
    Is there an easy way to copy and export a list?? There quite a few especially including system files...
  4. Spawn

    Spawn Administrator
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    Jan 8, 2011
    What OS do you run on PC/Laptop?

    Windows Defender is an Antivirus on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. It's safe to use, which Microsoft integrated into their OS. On older versions like Windows 7, it's not sufficient.

    Is this an Android or Windows issue?
  5. Kp-Everywhere-Myst

    May 12, 2017
    Android. I'm trying to settle it's question of security once and for all because it is my two part authenticator for one..but I also wondered about some thing else I'm uncertain is relevant...

    Question: if I want to pop in a different sum card and it was A) mine previously but by my provider the information was transferred to my new one or
    B) someone else's equally deactivated

    Or C) an active SIM that was either mine or another's.

    What would happen? Can I read anything whatsoever of interest from it? It very possibly could hold the answer to one mystery behind who and how my hacking woes started last October...
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