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More than 2 years ago
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Counter Strike 1.6 & GO


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Hi all,

Today, I was searching for best free antivirus, firewall etc. and I found this community. From the several threads that I read, I can say that the people here are really helpful and the mods/admins are doing a great job by keeping the trolls away.

I was a windows user until XP, then I bought a laptop in 2008 which came with Vista and I was like
"really? it takes just 7 hours to boot into vista & open Firefox."
and I thought of downgrading to XP but there was no driver support for XP at that time.

In the mean time, a friend of mine introduced me to Fedora Linux and have been using only Linux since then even though I freaked out initially & had to edit files manually to just get the audio working and I don't even want to talk about WiFi driver compatibility during 2008, so I just used a hard line.

After I was comfortable with Linux by 2010 (laptop died & I assembled a PC), I distro hopped a lot (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Arch, Manjaro, Debian etc. & different DE like Xfce, MATE, KDE etc.) just for the sake of trying them. :rolleyes:

Currently I'm posting this from Fedora 22 MATE. I'm old school (not really that old) so I prefer Xfce/MATE and totally dislike Unity/GNOME 3.

So after using Linux as the only OS for more than 6.5yrs, I'm moving to windows as I need to work with an application that is available only for windows & the forbidden fruit and I prefer to stay away from the forbidden products. :p

And I think that's it. I would like to say thanks for opening this thread & reading this. :)

Edit: I would be really grateful if you could help me with this query, Thanks.

PS: Did I mention that I'm a sloth. :D
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Hello Sloth! Thank you for penning (typing) such a wonderful to read introduction, and it was very enjoyable to experience your linux Odyssey as well as your long awaited return to Windows!:D
It is quite pleasing how you've chosen to join us (*whispers: Malware Tips is my favorite site!;)). A warm "Welcome" to you.:):)
Now, I must return to another thread (Yours!:D) which brought me here in the first place!:rolleyes: Are you sure you're really a new member?o_O :p
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