Amazon's Alexa learns new Skills with McAfee SHP-enabled Routers; What is it?

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Jan 8, 2011
MWC 2018 - McAfee Press Release: McAfee Simplifies Connected Home Security with New Alexa Skill

Announcing the planned launch of the new McAfee Secure Home Platform skill for Amazon Alexa. Soon, customers with a McAfee Secure Home Platform enabled router can use the skill to easily manage their connected home’s network security using their voice. Available on select routers including the D-Link AC2600 Powered by McAfee (avail. Q2 2018), McAfee Secure Home Platform provides a built-in layer of security that automatically protects internet-connected devices on the home network from a variety of threats and delivers robust parental controls.

Here are a few of the ways customers can use their voice to manage and control McAfee Secure Home Platform features from Alexa-enabled devices:
  • “Alexa, ask McAfee how many devices are online right now”
    • Customers can easily discover devices on their home network and be informed when a new device joins.
  • “Alexa, ask McAfee to scan my network”
    • Run a network scan on all connected devices in the home and receive a notification through Alexa on any device that has vulnerabilities identified. In case of a botnet attack, McAfee Secure Home Platform blocks the attack and informs the user through an Alexa notification and via the McAfee mobile app.
  • “Alexa, ask McAfee what is the status of my network”
    • Provides a summary of all the devices connected to the home network, if they are blocked or unblocked, which devices have notifications, and more.
  • “Alexa, ask McAfee to block/unblock {Device1}”
    • Allows customers to block or unblock a device on the network using the device name as a parameter.
  • “Alexa, ask McAfee to pause the internet for {kid1}”
    • Allows customers to block access to the internet as desired, on an individual or group basis. Parents also have the ability to select time controls on a per child basis.

What is McAfee Secure Home Platform?

"The Secure Home Platform (SHP) is a secure Internet router that replaces the existing router in your home.

SHP uses a McAfee technology called Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) to identify dangerous websites. The protection works like this:
  • GTI constantly monitors websites around the world for malicious and dangerous content.
  • When malicious content is found on a particular website, GTI 'flags' the site as risky.
  • When any of your devices attempt to visit a website, SHP checks that the website is not on the 'risky' list.
  • If it is, SHP blocks the device from accessing that site.
All Internet traffic from any device in your home then goes through the SHP router, where it can be protected. This means that when SHP is installed, it immediately and automatically protects all connected devices in your home network, including non-display Internet of Things (IoT) devices (sometimes called 'headless' devices) such as smart thermostats, and even smart refrigerators."

Find out more at McAfee Support KB TS102712

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