AMD’s Next-Gen Radeon RX ‘RDNA 3’ GPU & Ryzen ‘Zen 4’ Raphael CPU Families Expected To Launch in Q4 2022


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Oct 9, 2016
AMD is expected to launch both of its next-gen Radeon RX 'RDNA 3' GPU & Ryzen 'Zen 4' Raphael CPU families in Q4 2022. The rumor comes from Twitter leaker, Vegeta, who has been spot on with his recent leaks and also hinted at the possible specifications and launch timeframes of several next-gen products.

AMD Radeon RX 'RDNA 3' Gaming GPUs & Ryzen Raphael 'Zen 4' Desktop CPUs Rumored For Q4 2022 Launch

In his latest tweet, the leaker states that AMD will be launching both of its next-generation CPU and GPU families in Q4 2022. AMD introduced its RDNA 2 and Zen 3 based families in Q4 2020 so it will be two years after those when we will be getting next-generation products from AMD. AMD will be launching a few key products that will serve as an intermediate between Zen 3 / Zen 4 and RDNA 2 / RDNA 3 such as the rumored Ryzen 5000XT CPUs and the recently announced Zen 3 processors with 3D V-Cache technology.

AMD Ryzen Raphael 'Zen 4' Desktop CPU Expected Features:

  • Brand New Zen 4 CPU Cores (IPC / Architectural Improvements)
  • Brand New TSMC 5nm process node with 6nm IOD
  • Support on AM5 Platform With LGA1718 Socket
  • Dual-Channel DDR5 Memory Support
  • 28 PCIe Gen 4.0 Lanes (CPU Exclusive)
  • 105-120W TDPs (Upper Bound Range ~170W)
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