AMD’s Ryzen 6000 laptop chips finally modernize their built-in Radeon GPUs


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Aug 17, 2014
AMD made small additions to its dedicated GPU and its processor lineups at its CES press conference this morning, but the biggest announcement was the introduction of new Ryzen 6000-series laptop APUs. These chips use a new Zen 3+ CPU architecture and manufacturing process, but most significantly, their integrated graphics processors trade the years-old Vega architecture for the modern RDNA2 architecture used in Radeon 6000-series graphics cards, the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and the upcoming Steam Deck.

AMD says that the new chips will begin showing up in February 2022, with more laptops released "throughout the year."

AMD's new Ryzen 6000-series APU lineup for laptops.
Enlarge / AMD's new Ryzen 6000-series APU lineup for laptops.​