AMD Aims to Increase Chip Efficiency by 30x by 2025


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Aug 17, 2014
AMD today announced an extremely ambitious goal: to reach thirty times higher energy efficiency of its EPYC CPUs and Instinct GPU accelerators by 2025. AMD itself knows how lofty a goal this is: the aim surpasses typical industry-wide efficiency improvements by 150%.

AMD's new effort comes on the heels of its 20x25 initiative that ran from 2014 to 2020, yielding a 25x energy efficiency improvement for the company's notebook chips (notably, this included efficiency both when the processor was at idle and under load).

AMD's new initiative focuses specifically on AI and HPC workloads, and the company's goals may hint at its future hardware design plans. For example, AMD plans to improve performance as it works towards its new power consumption goals, but it doesn't simply want to throw more die area (i.e., larger chips) at the performance problem. Instead, the idea is to improve performance and performance-per-watt in lockstep to deliver both performance and efficiency gains.