AMD fixes dozens of Windows 10 graphics driver security bugs


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Apr 24, 2016
AMD has fixed a long list of security vulnerabilities found in its graphics driver for Windows 10 devices, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code and elevate privileges on vulnerable systems.

The potential impact and the flaws' severity vary, with AMD tagging more than a dozen bugs as high severity.

"In a comprehensive analysis of the AMD Escape calls, a potential set of weaknesses in several APIs was discovered, which could result in escalation of privilege, denial of service, information disclosure, KASLR bypass, or arbitrary write to kernel memory," AMD explained.

The security flaws were discovered by both independent security researchers Ori Nimron and driverThru_BoB 9th, as well as Eran Shimony of CyberArk Labs and Lucas Bouillot, of the Apple Media Products RedTeam.

The complete list of patched bugs includes:
  • Ori Nimron (@orinimron123) : CVE-2020-12892, CVE-2020-12893, CVE-2020-12894, CVE-2020-12895, CVE-2020-12897, CVE-2020-12898, CVE-2020-12899, CVE-2020-12900, CVE-2020-12901, CVE-2020-12902, CVE-2020-12903, CVE-2020-12904, CVE-2020-12905, CVE-2020-12963, CVE-2020-12964, CVE-2020-12980, CVE-2020-12981, CVE-2020-12982, CVE-2020-12983, CVE-2020-12986, CVE-2020-12987
  • Eran Shimony of CyberArk Labs: CVE-2020-12892
  • Lucas Bouillot, of the Apple Media Products RedTeam: CVE-2020-12929
  • driverThru_BoB 9th: CVE-2020-12960
A full list of vulnerabilities found in the AMD Graphics Driver for Windows 10 and their description is available in the security advisory published this week.


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Jan 28, 2018
The latest stable version (21.10.2) currently distributed has a problem that the setting screen goes down when trying to import the setting. It doesn't seem to be much talked about, so it may be a problem only for my environment.

AMD drivers often hesitate to update a bit because they sometimes come across these new failures.

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