AMD Gains CPU Share Amid Biggest Desktop PC Quarterly Decline In History


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Aug 17, 2014
The Mercury Research CPU market share results are in for the first quarter of 2022, and the results are somewhat dire — Dean McCarron from Mercury reports that aside from IoT/SoC, all segments of the x86 processor market declined during the quarter. Desktop PCs suffered the most as units declined by 30%, the largest quarterly drop in history. That's an incredible reversal after two years of component shortages that kept many PC builders on the sidelines.

Surprisingly, AMD managed to carve out significant wins during the tumultuous quarter and has now, once again, set a new record high x86 market share of 27.7%, an incredible increase of seven percentage points over last year.

Both Intel and AMD suffered from the disturbingly fast decline in the desktop PC market, but AMD didn't lose sales quite as quickly as Intel, resulting in a share gain for the quarter. Notably, much of the decline in desktop PC came as vendors burned through excess CPU inventory, which McCarron says impacted Intel more severely than AMD. As such, Intel still gained some unit share in the desktop PC market compared to a year ago.

AMD continued to take big strides in the mobile/laptop market as it set another record for unit share in that segment with 22.5%. AMD also gained in the server market for the 12th consecutive quarter, reaching 11.6% of the market.