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"The value proposition for EPYC is so severely superior to what the competition is building that we're doubling down and focusing energy on winning market share in this space", Daniel Bounds, senior director of AMD’s data center and embedded solutions group, said at a media briefing in London today.

Bounds presented an update on the first year performance of EPYC, which launched last June as part of a high-end campaign to topple Intel’s dominance in the data center space. He noted that EPYC has already been able to capture a significant proportion of several key markets, and has a great opportunity in the virtualization and cloud space, which according to IDC represents 55 percent of the overall 2 socket server market.

Part of this is thanks to EPYC’s ability to reducing licensing costs and overall total cost of ownership (TCO), potentially saving companies hundreds of thousands. EPYC also offers sturdier security protection against threats such as Foreshadow, Bounds noted, unlike Intel’s offerings, which required significant patching to be secure.

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