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Once again AMD finds itself making headlines ahead of its earnings report tomorrow for the headway its products have recently been making around the world. In Korea, the company's processors have reportedly outsold Intel's for the first time in history.

51.3% of all pre-built PCs reportedly housed an AMD CPU, whilst the remaining 48.7% were powered by Intel.

AMD has traditionally done very well in the do-it-yourself channel market, where customers buy parts separately and build their own PCs. Although the pre-built OEM market has been much much harder for the company to penetrate, due to Intel's multi-decade long entrenchment in that space.

Which is precisely why this is such a big deal, AMD has rarely ever outsold Intel in the pre-built market and it has in fact never done so in Korea, a market where both of AMD's competitors NVIDIA & Intel have traditionally been very strong in.

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