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Quad-core Ryzen H-series with integrated graphics
The ultra-low power Ryzen U series have definitely made an impact on the mobile market. Those Ryzen processors with integrated Vega graphics are certainly a refreshing alternative to Intel’s Ultra-low power series.
However, what AMD was clearly lacking in the current portfolio were mobile processors with only gaming in mind, but this might soon change, as Ryzen H series have just appeared in 3DMark database.
Both processors were tested on HP 84EF device, which could be a prototype notebook or actual desktop testing platform. Technically, it doesn’t really matter since AMD itself confirmed that H-series are high-performance mobile processors.
The duo of Ryzen 7 2800H and Ryzen 5 2600H are quad-core SKUs. So far there is no sign of 8- or even 6-core H series SKU. Although, that did not stop manufacturers from making laptops with desktop Ryzen 7 2700 processor, but those are technically not mobile processors.