Android malware 'BrazKing' returns as a stealthier banking trojan


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Aug 17, 2014
The BrazKing Android banking trojan has returned with dynamic banking overlays and a new implementation trick that enables it to operate without requesting risky permissions.
A new malware sample was analyzed by IBM Trusteer researchers who found it outside the Play Store, on sites where people end up after receiving smishing (SMS) messages.
These HTTPS sites warn the prospective victim that they are using an outdated Android version and offer an APK that will allegedly update them to the latest version.
BrazKing's evolution shows that malware authors quickly adapt to deliver stealthier versions of their tools as Android's security tightens up.
The ability to snatch 2FA codes, credentials, and take screenshots without hoarding permissions makes the trojan a lot more potent than it used to be, so be very careful with APK downloads outside the Play Store.
According to the IBM report, BrazKing appears to be operated by local threat groups, as it is circulating on Portuguese-speaking websites.