Android malware Escobar steals your Google Authenticator MFA codes


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Feb 4, 2016
The Aberebot Android banking trojan has returned under the name 'Escobar' with new features, including stealing Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication codes.
The new features in the latest Aberebot version also include taking control of the infected Android devices using VNC, recording audio, and taking photos, while also expanding the set of targeted apps for credential theft.

The main goal of the trojan is to steal enough information to allow the threat actors to take over victims' bank accounts, siphon available balances, and perform unauthorized transactions.

Rebranded as Escobar​

Using KELA's cyber-intelligence DARKBEAST platform, BleepingComputer found a forum post on a Russian-speaking hacking forum from February 2022 where the Aberebot developer promotes their new version under the name 'Escobar Bot Android Banking Trojan.'


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Sep 10, 2015
Seems that Escobar is still doing evil till these days.