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Android, the operating system would currently be exposed to ben 6400 potential malware based codes.

Like every quarter, these days the usual Mobile Malware Report was published by G DATA.

The German company operates since 1985 the production of software dedicated to it security and has experience in the field.

The arrival of the third report, the consistency of malware threats for mobile operating systems, brought worrying news for owners of devices equipped with Android.

Currently, it seems that there are more than 6000 malicious codes floating around the different OS versions of the Green robot. Can sleep more relaxed only users owners of Android devices equipped with Lollipop or marshmallows.

Android, the guilt of vulnerability to malware is lack of system updates

According to experts of G DATA, operating system obsolescence is mainly responsible for the vulnerability of a large quantity of malware.

Many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, for obvious economic purposes, stop after one or two years support and system updates. In this way most users, not experts in modding, remains trapped in very old versions of Android.

It is estimated that currently only 20% of the device is upgraded to Lollipop or marshmallows. The remaining 80% is stuck at Android versions ranging from KitaKat to even Froyo.

Perform regularly for updates, as far as possible, of course, would ensure the terminals can benefit from the latest innovations in the field of protection against malware. Unfortunately, the conflict of interest is so large that automatically exclude this possibility.

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Mainstream devices tends to focus only regular updates by companies rather previous models which why risk is always covered and continuously increased. Cause they know that people are generous to purchase newer devices hence meet up from their cycle.