Is your Android device getting Android Q?

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Source: Android Q: All the new security and privacy features coming to Android 10

At Google I/O earlier this month we learned about all the improvements that Android Q is going to bring, and of course, new privacy and security announcements were not left out from the conference. The platform security is one of the most important aspects of an OS, particularly for an OS that we bring everywhere with us in our pockets. If Android wasn’t secure, we wouldn’t trust it with half as many functions as we do. NFC payments would be out of the question, file sharing would be dubious at best, and connecting to other devices would be downright madness. In spite of the long-standing issue of version fragmentation, Google has done extremely well to keep the number of security issues to a minimum.

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My Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is stuck on Android 7. It still receives occasional firmware updates, but won't be updated to a new version of Android.

However, I'm sure that there will be custom Android Q firmware released for it, as currently there are at least 20 different Android 9 ROMs available.


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Nice poll... LG said my phone is only guaranteed two major OS versions. Since they released it with an outdated OS (7.1.2) and then upgraded to Oreo, I only have Pie and that's it. I don't even have Pie on my phone yet...
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