Android Toll fraud malware disables your WiFi to force premium subscriptions


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Apr 24, 2016
Microsoft is warning that toll fraud malware is one of the most prevalent threats on Android and that it is evolving with features that allow automatic subscription to premium services.

Toll fraud is a subset of billing fraud, where the threat actor tricks victims into calling or sending an SMS to a premium number.

The difference is that toll fraud does not work over WiFi and forces the devices to connect to the mobile operator’s network.
Keeping toll fraud malware off your device comes down to checking that the source for downloading your Android source is trustworthy, such as Google’s Play Store.

Additionally, looking at the permissions requested upon installation is a good way to reduce the risk of malware running rampant on your device as well as protect your privacy.

Microsoft also recommends users avoid allowing apps to read or send SMS, access to notifications, or accessibility unless these permissions are needed for normal functioning.