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We’ve got some good news! We’re bringing the best of the YouTube experience to live TV. To do this, we’ve worked closely with our network and affiliate partners to evolve TV for the way we watch today.

Meet YouTube TV. It’s live TV designed for the YouTube generation—those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments.

Here’s what YouTube TV offers:
  • Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks.
  • A cloud DVR, with no storage limits and playback stored for nine months.
  • Watch YouTube TV on any screen and you can stream your recordings on any device, whenever and wherever you want.
  • YouTube Red Originals right on the new YouTube TV app.
  • Six accounts, one price. Watch up to three concurrent streams at a time.
  • Cancel anytime membership, YouTube TV is only $35 a month
YouTube TV will be available soon in the largest U.S. markets and will quickly expand to cover more cities across the country.

Visit and sign up to find out when we’ll launch in your market.

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Praying it comes to Canada! But usually is a US only launch :mad:

Our cable consists of both American and Canadian channels. My American friends tell me however they don't get Canadian channels which must suck cause I love so many of our shows. But I also love a lot of American shows.