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Hi all!

I've got SuperAntiSpyware Pro. Do I need an additional real-time anti-virus for better protection? Which one (freeware) would you recommend?
The combo should be light on the resources: I've got an old laptop running Windows 7 32-bit. I figured I'll stick with Windows 7 firewall to keep it snappy.



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SuperAntispyware would be considered as a Real-Time Anti-Spyware application, and it's effectiveness remains questionable.

You will need an Antivirus software to protect your computer from malware and other web threats, as SAS Pro cannot provide adequate protection.

There are a number of Free Antivirus software, and some will recommend a certain Free Internet Security suite.

Feel free to post in the link below, so others can get a better idea of your PC and how you use it.


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Like MBAM Pro, SAS Paid version tends to be alongside with your current AV however only likely few users continuously using it due from performance which made a downfall.


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Except if new version 6 make an improvement^^lets see soon^^:)
That's what they have been saying for many years after every release and i have yet to observe any improvement but who knows the realtime protection might be better than the ondemand capabilities. I haven't tested that part but let's hope so.
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Agree, even the worse can improve (look mcafee^^); i am sure there will be some tests when final release will be out. As on demand it doesn't hurt to try it as it's free but i wouldn't pay for that.
Hitman pro is a paid product and last MBAM sucks really so we don't have many choices of free general and easy to use on demand scanner:)
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