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Have been getting these popups on various commercial sites for some time. I haven't been able to figure out what the source is. Would really like to remove or block them. Any idea what's causing these? Seems to be stealing customers from major sites like Amazon, etc.



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Either some Adware or an installed browser extension that compares shopping deals.
I agree with @Spawn here. I think some Adware or installed browser extension got on your web browser of choice. I'd try to remove it from yourself. Then I'd go into your web browsing data and safely (stress safely) erase all web browsing data. Then, just to be sure I'd run ADWcleaner on your computer to ensure all is a'ok. I'd run some other on demand scanners too, because I wouldn't want anything on my system - I'm sure you do not want anything either.

Check out allowed sites and remove those, you do not know.

Turn notifications on or off - Computer - Google Chrome Help
@TairikuOkami makes a good point too. Make sure to check that stuff out as things can get hidden in there.

Hope you find the bugger and shut it down good!

Let us know how it goes @Sync !