Artwork anyone here good at logo designing?

Discussion in 'Device Customization & ArtWork' started by Umbra, Jun 2, 2017.

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    Oh I got you! Probably I went into deep thinking with CAS designs.
    Races and hobbies can well be started from the point where they end ;)
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    Your effort was noticed, if i had a club or entertainment business, yours will fit , especially the M had cool design. ;)
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    Very nice conversation of support here :) Will chip in when there are again something like this :) Great work guys :)
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    Old refined
    • Symbolism for synergy of the Consultant/Acc & the client
    MIUS Global resizeALEO.png MIUS Global resizeELIANTO.png MIUS Global resizeLIBRE_BASKERVILLE.png MIUS Global resizePRIME.png
    New Concept (Semi-abstract Combinationmark)
    • "M" = the client alone ____ "I" = partition ____ "with US" = "you are in safe hands"
    • The Upper semi-circle indicates the world of client alone ____ The Lower semi-circle resembles the growth/setting of the Client with your firm/start-up
    • Green is a color of prosperity too
    • Metallic and non-metallic green color gradient versions (discard the silver/gray background outside the main circle)("MIUS Global" small text can be added below)
    MIUS_Rebuild_1.1.2 optThin_OneDay.png MIUS_Rebuild_1.1.2thin_OneDay.png MIUS_Rebuild_1.2.1_OneDay.png MIUS_Rebuild_1.2.2_OneDay.png
    MIUS_Rebuild_1.1.1 Bavro.png MIUS_Rebuild_1.1.2 optThin_Bavro.png MIUS_Rebuild_1.2.2_Bavro.png MIUS_Rebuild_1.2.1_Bavro.png
    PS: This new one looks more for Designer and Startup firms, however, one of them should fit yours I think ;)
    The "I" can be made smaller & proportionate to make it look more formal
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