Android Anyone using FF Quantum for Android? Like to have some comments

Discussion in 'Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile' started by HarborFront, Dec 17, 2017.

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    Just switched from using SAMSUNG Internet Browser to FF Quantum and using a VPN for my old SAMSUNG Note 4 smartphone

    Finds FF lethargic and gets worse if install more extensions. Editing also shows it's a bit slow i.e. the text displayed is slower than my typing input, backspacing takes a few seconds to react etc

    It gets even worse if use a VPN like the free Windscribe VPN. Still waiting for Proton to release its dedicated VPN app for android.

    Also, finds it drain battery faster even without using VPN. Its slowness could be the reason for this.

    The only nice thing is its ability to add extensions

    Anyone has these experiences?

    Maybe it's time to change to a more powerful smartphone or revert back to using SAMSUNG Internet Browser

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    Ok, after a few days of using FF browser, I've reverted back to using SAMSUNG Internet Browser and it is fast using Avira VPN. FF is slow and causes my smartphone to warm up in use especially when using a VPN.

    Compared to Chrome you can add adblocker extensions to SAMSUNG Internet Browser. It also comes with a Secret Mode similar to Incognito Mode. However, it's not a data saving browser

    Reviews of SAMSUNG Internet Browser, here

    Samsung Internet review: Samsung’s browser is fast, efficient, and packed with features

    Samsung’s browser comes to all Android phones and gets an ad-tracking blocker

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