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AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.0.0 Free stuff/new released

Download link:

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is the solution: this allows you to recreate the system recovery partition with one major difference: it basically takes a system image of your hard drive in its current state, which means all your customisations and so on are preserved, so use with care if you keep your data on the same partition as your Windows installation and all your programs.

The program appears simple to use – a few clicks and you should be on the way to creating the recovery partition. But it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. First, you’ll need the Windows Automated Installation Kit installed on your PC – a link is provided, but it’s one of many hurdles to jump through
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Rus Anca

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Update 19, Nov, 2014
AOMEI OneKey Recovery v.1.1 - free program

Download OneKey Recovery v.1.1 free:

Download Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK):

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a free program to help you to creating a factory recovery partition, make system backup and restore in case of your system crashes.

The program enables you to create a partition like an OEM factory recovery partition or similar with Lenovo one key recovery.
It's more helpful than OEM’s restore factory settings, since it will not only backup all your installed applications and configuration settings, but also it allows you to restore your OS even when your OS cannot boot up.
You can press a special keyboard button: “A” or select an option in Windows boot menu to enter into AOMEI OneKey Recovery to make system restore when your computer starts.

Note:AOMEI OneKey Recovery supports backing up all types of laptops and computers, not just Lenovo laptops.:
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