Level 3
I'm looking for a companion for WD, or a standalone real-time AI based scanner to use besides an anti-exe. As far as I see, you can only change APEXs sensitivity settings on SAP premium so cause it may be out of comparison.
APEX in the medium (recommended) setting, is available in the free version and quite frankly i don't think you 'd want to run it on high, unless you don't mind several more FPs. I 've had a FP at medium already, so it seems aggressive enough already and in a test conducted by @harlan4096 in the test section, APEX does quite well without setting it to high. I think it would be a very useful companion for any antivirus, if you don't want to pay for the paid version. It's as light as it can get too and it's by design thought not to clash with another antivirus.