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When Apple first introduced the iPhone Xr at an event in September, some of its press materials mentioned that there would be a clear case on the way. While the device is on sale today, all first-party cases seem to be missing in action.

The company has produced its own cases for every model of iPhones for the last five years, when it introduced the iPhone 5c. The fact that it's not selling a case that it announced is strange, let alone the fact that it's not selling any cases at all.

Obviously, there are plenty of third-party cases to choose from, from pretty much any retailer that sells phone cases. It is an iPhone, after all, so case designs aren't in short supply.

It's unclear why Apple isn't offering any iPhone Xr cases on its website. They could be delayed for some reason, or maybe some intern forgot to hit the publish button on the listing, although that wouldn't explain why they're not in stores. Naturally, we've reached out to Apple for comment.


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I don't think I've ever had a phone case from any phone manufacturer. I've always gone to third party phone cases. Ones that I've used for years now are EFM cases, for multiple phones. Currently have one now for my iPhone X.