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Apple’s iPhone SE is once again available for purchase, the second time in less than 7 days when the Cupertino-based company resumes sales of the 4-inch model.

Originally launched in March 2016, the iPhone SE was retired in September this year when Apple debuted the new-generation iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

However, the device showed up on Apple’s clearance website a few days ago, with pricing set to $249 for the 32GB version in Gold, Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold. The 128GB version of the iPhone SE, also available in all these colors, was sold for $299.

However, the iPhone SE was sold out in just a couple of days, making some people believe they missed their last chance to buy the 4-inch iPhone.

And yet, Apple resumed sales of the iPhone SE for the second time a few hours ago at the same prices as mentioned above.

All iPhone SE are brand-new and are only available in the United States. No other markets appear to receive any more stock at this point.

Second-generation iPhone SE
While these limited sales appear to suggest that Apple is trying to clear out iPhone SE inventory, some believe Apple could be testing the market for a new 4-inch iPhone.

Of course, this is just a guess for now, especially because it’s been speculated that Apple abandoned plans for a second-generation iPhone SE.

At this point, for example, it’s being rumored that the upcoming 2019 iPhone lineup would only include three different models that are all successors to the 2018 generation, so we’ll get new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR versions. A new 4-inch iPhone isn’t part of Apple’s long-term visions, though all these sales could indeed suggest otherwise.

Time will tell if the iPhone SE is here to stay, but with Apple insisting with these limited sales, more and more customers are likely to get one not necessarily for using it, but for prosperity.
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