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Computing said:
Apple has invited security company Kaspersky Lab to advise it on the security of its Mac OS – according to the security provider's chief technology officer.
Speaking exclusively to Computing, Kaspersky CTO Nikolai Grebennikov said his firm had recently begun the process of analysing the Mac OS platform at Apple's reques
"Mac OS is really vulnerable," he claimed, "and Apple recently invited us to improve its security. We've begun an analysis of its vulnerabilities, and the malware targeting it," said Grebennikov.
Grebennikov claimed that, in his personal view, Apple does not take security seriously enough.
"Our first investigations show Apple doesn't pay enough attention to security. For example, Oracle closed a vulnerability in Java, which was a target for a major botnet several months ago."
Earlier this year, a botnet of 600,000 Macs was found to have been infected by the flashback Trojan, which exploited the Java vulnerability.
"Apple blocked Oracle from updating Java on Mac OS, and they perform all the udpates themselves. They only released the patch a few weeks ago – two or three months after the Oracle patch. That's far too long," he said.

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