Apple Puts 5G iPhone Plan in Motion


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Nov 10, 2017
Apple is projected to take the wraps off the very first iPhone with 5G support next year, and according to a new report, the company has already reached out to suppliers to adjust their production plans for the manufacturing of this model.

Nikkei reveals via unnamed sources that Apple is “mobilizing suppliers” for the production of three iPhones with 5G support.

The report also reiterates previous speculation that the first 5G iPhones will use chips manufactured by Qualcomm. However, it’s believed Apple wants to manufacture its very own 5G modems for the iPhone, and people familiar with the matter said earlier this year the aim was to bring these chips to the market beginning with the 2022 iPhone generation the earliest.

Meanwhile, today’s reports reveals that Apple has big ambitions with the 5G iPhone, as it expects to sell “at least” 80 million units after the 2020 launch.

The debut of a 5G iPhone is also expected to speed up the addition of this technology in markets across the world, pushing for more carriers to prepare their networks for 5G speeds.

2020 iPhone lineup
Apple is expected to unveil three iPhone models in the fall of 2020, with a cheaper model, possibly called iPhone SE 2, expected in the spring.

The new-generation iPhone due in September, however, will include successors to the models launched this year, and all three will use OLED screens and 5G modems manufactured by Qualcomm.

Apple and Qualcomm decided to settle their legal dispute earlier this year and agreed on a licensing deal that would have the San Diego-based company supply 5G modems for the iPhone.

Apple, however, wants to reduce reliance on other companies and is trying to build its very own modems. These could be ready sometime in the next two years, and the first iPhone powered by an Apple 5G chip could see daylight in 2022.