Apple sued over iPhone warranty issues and water resistance claims


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Dec 30, 2012
Apple is being sued in New York in an attempted class-action complaint over water resistance, with the claim it misrepresented how resistant to liquid the iPhone is in its marketing.
Like many smartphone manufacturers, Apple includes a level of water resistance in its iPhone lineup, with the claimed level of resistance increasing in recent years. There have also been stories where iPhones dropped in lakes are retrieved months later in working order, even without any extra water protection.
However, a lawsuit filed on Saturday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York claims Apple is overstating the water-resistive capabilities of its hardware.



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Oct 13, 2019
That's extra cheeky, if true
With that said, getting sticky or colored liquids on your phone will otherwise ruin it, and while cleaning it with too much water is going to cause water damage, most of the time you won’t damage the phone compared to pouring apple juice on your phone speakers which will ruin them 100% of the time.

Excluding some of the newer Samsung Active phones, does anyone actually accept warranty claims for water damage? The IP/IPX ratings are an industry standard term and even when it says 4 feet, it’s accepted it means static pressure. You can’t be a 300 pound human jumping into 4 feet of pool water. Even expensive dive watches are this way.

Looking at iPhone tear downs, none of the internal components are exposed outside and the liquid indicators are inside the phone (the one on the external ports is no longer used for warranty denial), and every port on the phone is rubber gasket sealed and glued together. Unfortunately, third party battery and display replacements frequently forget or don’t care to re-seal the phone.