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The latest-generation iPhones already support fast charging, but they require Apple’s 18W USB-C power adapter and Lightning to USB-C cable that Apple sells separately.

In other words, in addition to spending a small fortune on a new iPhone, customers also have to pay an extra $50 on these accessories to enable fast charging on their devices. Because as many found out the hard way, Apple still ships the iPhone with the old-school 5W adapter and the same Lightning to USB-A cable that offers painfully slow charging speeds.

But as it turns out, this could all change beginning with the 2019 iPhone generation, if a report from Japanese bloc Macotakara is anything to be believed.

The source indicates that Apple could have a change of mind on the new iPhone models and ship them with the fast charging adapter and the faster cable right in the box. In other words, customers would no longer have to get them separately, and instead benefit from fast charging out of the box.

Reverse wireless charging
Apple is expected to unveil three different iPhones this year, all of them successors to the existing models. This will be the last generation featuring an LCD screen, as Apple would migrate to OLED iPhones entirely beginning with the 2020 series.

The new iPhones are also expected to ship with reverse wireless charging, a feature that’s already available on high-end models from rivals Samsung and Huawei. Reverse wireless charging allows a smartphone to double as a wireless charger for other devices, so the iPhone could be used to charge the Apple Watch and AirPods.

The unveiling is projected to take place in September, with sales to kick off later the same month. The new iPhones will run iOS 13, the latest version of the operating system whose preview is likely to be announced in June at WWDC.


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I had an UGreen QC3.0 charger from before I went with iPhone. The regular port has 2.4A (12W at 5V) charge rate and it charges my iPhone XR quite fast. I do only charge it up to 80% but it goes up to there really quickly. UGreen charger was like 12€ lol and I'm using the other QC3.0 port to charge my ASUS Transformer at 9V for faster charging. Win-win lol. No need for expensive Apple's charger really...


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The fact that you have to get a separate charger. How do people put up with this when the phones cost an arm and a leg? I can't understand.