Apple's A15 Chip Faster Than Company's Own Claims in Independent Tests


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Aug 17, 2014
Apple's new iPhone 13 series features its latest A15 Bionic processor, which the company says is 50% faster than the competition. That vague claim was the entry point for AnandTech's investigation into the chip's performance, efficiency, and graphics core improvements, and the review's conclusions easily back it up.

Two new CPU microarchitectures feature in the A15, both for the two performance cores and the four efficiency cores, which are likely made on a 5nm+ process, which TSMC refers to as N5P, a "performance-enhanced version" of its 5nm process that allows for higher maximum frequencies.

On top of this, AnandTech notes that the A15 system cache has been boosted to 32MB, which is double the system cache compared to the A14. This doubling "dwarfs the competition" and is a "key factor in the power efficiency of the chip, being able to keep memory accesses on the same silicon rather than going out to slower, and more power inefficient DRAM," says the report.


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Nov 10, 2017
Depeds on how much the repair may cost. Repairing Apple devices can be damn expensive and then it might not be worth it...
But yea I will get it checked soon. (y)
Oh yes i guess, i think you go to mobile shops tell them how much for iPhone X then go to repair shop how much for the screen, etc and count it you know what i mean :) if it's expensive so replace it with a used screen then :)