APT Groups Finding Success with Mix of Old and New Tools


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Aug 17, 2014
Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups continue to use the fog of intense geopolitics to supercharge their campaigns, but beyond these themes, actors are developing individual signature tactics for success.

That’s according to Kaspersky’s most recent APT trends report for Q3 2020, which found that some groups are innovating and pushing technical boundaries, while others take a more low-tech approach, honing messaging around COVID, the elections and other headlines.

“While some threat actors remain consistent over time and simply look to use hot topics such as COVID-19 to entice victims to download malicious attachments, other groups reinvent themselves and their toolsets,” said Ariel Jungheit, senior security researcher at the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky. “The widening scope of platforms attacked, continuous work on new infection chains and the use of legitimate services as part of their attack infrastructure, is something we have witnessed over the past quarter.”

These divergent approaches were best represented by two groups in particular, according to the report; DeathStalker and MosaicRegressor. [...]
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