Are Bitdefender licenses region locked ?



So i'm planning on buying Bitdefender 2018 but i've noticed it's not yet released where i live (France). On Bitdefender there is the possibility to choose Worldwide - English.

I know in the past the licenses of Bitdefender where locked, but some resellers now claim it's working worldwide. Are Bitdefender licenses still region locked or no ?

Thanks ;)
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Jul 3, 2014
well I have bought keys from all kinds of places, and never had this issue, which regions do they lock? Russia?
Do you buy from the Kaspersky official online store? or from amazon/ebay and smth. like this. Why do I ask you about this? Because such places like ebay/amazon sell the keys without any regional restrictions. If you buy from the Kaspersky online store such keys will have problem with activation in other region. Why is it so? Because the price is different in every country. If you buy a KIS in US kaspersky store it will cost you $55 (3 devices/1 year) while in Russia it is only $32. That's why kaspersky made a regional restriction
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Aug 7, 2017
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Some Bitdefender (and Kaspersky) serial #s/keys, for e.g. the ones sold in my country, are region specific.

At the Bitdefender site you should select your country from the Country & Language drop-down list. If your country isn't listed use the 'Worldwide - English' option

I have a Norton Security subscription too but unsure if their keys are region locked. In the past I bought licenses at the US site and used them in my country without problems. But this may have changed due to differential pricing policies applicable to different countries worldwide.