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Ransomware has become a major threat to computer systems in recent years, as high-profile attacks have locked users out of personal computers, hospitals, city governments, and even The Weather Channel. Now, security researchers have discovered that another device that might be at risk: a DSLR camera.
Check Point Software Technologies issued a report today that detailed how its security researchers were able to remotely install malware on a digital DSLR camera. In it, researcher Eyal Itkin found that a hacker can easily plant malware on a digital camera.
Looks like it is time to make security software for cameras too after this finding.


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Somewhat worrying but I suppose not surprising - I try to avoid 'smart anything yet have ended up with 4 smart TV's, a plethora of phones & tablets/Printer/ Fire-Sticks + recently a growing SONOS music playing system not forgetting my camera - Not counting PC's. Not doing very well in avoiding so called smart devices am I?


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I'm waiting ransomware for pacemaker :^)
Wonder how the ransome note would look like. :D

Pacemaker vulnerabilities, is actually not something new.