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Be Paranoid About Privacy
New York Times, Dec. 24, 2019
We need to take back our privacy from tech companies — even if that means sacrificing convenience.

This week, Google Maps could not find me, and it seemed really pissed off.
I switched all of the location-access buttons on my iPhone from “While Using the App” to “Ask Next Time,” causing my most useful app to launch a series of increasingly desperate pop-up entreaties, begging me to make my life easier by letting it automatically locate me (rather than giving it access to my location only when I type in where I am and where I want to go).
I cannot imagine its stalker rage if I had clicked “Never” allow the app to track my location.

Tough luck, Google Maps. Because, as 2019 ends, I am breaking up with opt-in by taking up a well-worn Silicon Valley bromide as my digital mantra: Only the paranoid survive.

As my buddy Oldschool says...

"Stay Paranoid My Friends, 'Safe' is not Good Enough Anymore." ;)

Well.... he doesn't say exactly that... :)


And what fun is 'safe' --- when you can get all tweaked up on paranoid...

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ForgottenSeer 823865

All those privacy FUD articles is assuming you are stupidly disclosing all your life using your real ID everywhere.. if you use a fake persona for non-sensitive tasks and carefully using your real ID only for sensitive-related task (banking, work, etc..), the impact of data mining is negligible.
Also all those FUD article writers should worry more about the security of real life organizations/institutes (Banks, Hospital, regional governmental offices, etc...) to keep your REAL infos safe, which is lately quite weak.

Funny point, the writer seems to use her real name and photo on an privacy related article LOL...
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