Leaves Server Logs Public, Leaks All Your Searches

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    [​IMG]'s Apache server status page is open to the public, and everyone can see what people are searching for. Any queries and user actions done on that particular server on are open to anyone who wants to have a look.

    The discovery was made by researcher Paul Shapiro earlier today, and even though it's been a couple of hours since the revelation was made, has not hidden its server from people's eyes.

    It's unclear for how long this page has been open to the public and given's inaction, for how long it's going to be left like this. The server status page was restarted over three days ago, and the running theory is that during that reboot the server page was accidentally left exposed.

    There are also details regarding the total accesses since the server reset - 4.4 million, the total traffic - 237.9 GB, and so on.

    Not a security threat

    Thankfu... (read more)

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    Don't Norton/Symantec use ASK as their search engine?
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